My Journey

Posted by: kiwismomin My Journey

Who am I? My name is Dawn and I’m 46 years young. I live in what I think is the most beautiful place in the world, Victoria, British Columbia.

10 Months ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and this is about my journey with food. It does not define me, nor does it control me but it is my journey to feeling well again, to getting healthy and staying that way.  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE FOOD! This thing I love and appreciate so much can also make me so ill if I put the one thing in my body that it doesn’t like.. GLUTEN  I have a great appreciation for how things taste, how different ingredients compliment each other in ways you would never imagine. Like chili and chocolate, now who would have thought that when you combine these two things that such magic would happen in your mouth.  How certain types of wine can bring out the full potential of your meal. These are all the things I love about cooking and of course eating :)   I find it so ironic that now my life completely revolves around food. I’m always planning ahead what I’m gonna have for lunch or dinner. I no longer have the option of going through the drive thru at Wendy’s and grabbing a burger (oh how I miss you “Big Classic with Cheese”) It has become second nature in my house, we are a Gluten-free zone… except for a few things that my husband can’t live without :)  

 And traveling!? well thats a whole other animal.  When I go out of town to my family’s they are completely perplexed as to what to feed me lol. I usually try and lessen the burden on them by bringing my own food, or going to the local grocery store when I get there and stocking up on a few things.  My youngest sister ( oh how I love her) refers to it as my “weird food” lol, but I haven’t fed her anything yet that she didn’t love :)

So just because I can no longer eat food containing Gluten does not mean that I can’t still make some amazingly delicious recipe’s (if i do say so myself lol), so this is the home for my ever growing collection of Gluten-Free recipes. I have quite a collection to add and hopefully it won’t take me forever, since I’m new at this blog thing it has defintley been a learning curve for me lol.  I hope you like them as much as I do.